We know. We've been gone for a while.

Ten weeks is forever on the internet and in the sports world. It's nowhere near as long as the Crying Jordan meme has been around, but it is still one-third the length of an MLB season. It's a long time.

We've been busy combining our four sites (Hardball, Basketball, Football and Puck Passport) into one brand new community-driven, mobile-responsive experience. Thanks to our successful crowdfund last fall, and our presenting sponsor New York Life, everything's been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

When you come back to the new Sports Passport (dot com), you'll find a new look, new stamps and new features. You'll be able to race your friends to all the venues in a pro division, conference or league. There will also be a new way to access Passport with your favorite social media account. No more email addresses or passwords.

And to celebrate our relaunch, we're also including a fifth pro sport in Sports Passport: Major League Soccer. We're excited to add the United States' fastest-growing pro league on our new site and serve the game-logging and stadium-chasing needs of America's soccer fans.

As you might have heard, we didn't go on vacation because we wanted to. We were knocked offline on February 29 in the infamous ServerAxis incident. Our entire website and our backups simply disappeared without reason or explanation, along with thousands of other sites.

Our extended downtime was due to circumstances beyond our control. But we know you spent hours logging your game-going history, and a complete do-over is a gigantic ask. We are truly, truly sorry that we have to ask you to enter everything all over again. We're going to try to make it up to you as best we can.

First of all, we'd like to give you one full year of Passport Plus. We charged $19.49 per year in the old days, and that was for one sport. Until June 1, 2017, you'll have four-sport pro access to shareable, sortable team and player stats for just the games you attend. We'll be adding MLS Plus stats in July. (Existing Plus customers will be extended to 2018.) And even if our legal efforts to retrieve your game-going data are successful, the offer's still good.

We've learned a hard lesson. We've taken steps to make sure we'll never rely on any one single web hosting company ever again, no matter if they've been in business for 15 years or not. And as an extra insurance policy, you'll have the option to download all your checkins as a spreadsheet whenever you want, right from your profile page. If and when the entire internet melts down once the Cubs win the World Series, your game-going history will remain safe, on your computer.

We're confident you're going to love the new sportspassport.com. On May 18, we'll be reopening. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, hit us up via email or on Twitter. And this summer, we might see you at the ballpark or stadium.


Peter Robert Casey
Kyle Whelliston
Co-founders, Sports Passport