How to view my blocked list on Facebook

Here is how you can view your blocked list on facebook: Your blocked list contains all those you have banned from your profile, You can view and unblock anybody if you decide.  One thing is to create a Facebook profile another thing is in the usage. As you may have already observed, sometimes you add friends who turns

How can I delete a facebook page on my android phone

How do I delete a page on facebook android?: Do you want to delete your Facebook page and using an Android device? Don’t worry nor panic, this post has got all Android users covered. All you need is that powerful Android device – power it and put it on, then follow instructions below to successfully remove any

How to hide my facebook friend list

By default, your personal details will be available for everyone to see on Facebook. All those who are privacy conscious should consider changing some settings on their Facebook. If your Facebook account is public, your details are available for everyone to see. If you’re privacy-minded, you may want to consider changing your settings. To secure