Instagram Login with Facebook – Instagram Login Sign In 2020

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Here is the basic Instagram Login Guide from your existing account. You can now login to Instagram with Facebook Account too.

To link your Instagram account to your brand’s Facebook Page, you first need to be an admin of that Page on Facebook.

To link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page:


  • Go to your profile and tap  in the top right.
  • Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts, then select Facebook.
  • If you haven’t already, enter your Facebook login information.
  • By default, your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook Timeline. To link to a Page instead, tap Facebook again and choose a Page that you manage below Share to.

iPhone or Windows Phone

  • Go to your profile and tap  in the top right.
  • Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts, then select Facebook.
  • If you haven’t already, enter your Facebook login information.
  • By default, your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook Timeline. To link to a Page instead, tap Facebook again, then tap Share to and choose a Page that you manage.

If you’ve already linked Facebook on your phone or tablet and need to switch accounts, you can unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

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Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook Business Near Me

facebook marketplace near me

Facebook Marketplace Near Me – It is the world-straddling social media site, it is your social and advertising site – and presently it is your marketplace! The ever-popular social media networking site, Facebook, has currently announced that its platform is not just a platform for chat and stories anymore, it is also known as the Facebook Marketplace App!

The arrival and launching of this marketplace on Facebook are one feature that now gives so many users the chance to buy, sell and engage in a business transaction with so many other people.

facebook marketplace near me

As we all know, Facebook is a platform through which people from far and near get connected and interact with each other. And one way through which people connect is the buying and selling of products with one another. Facebook has recently added the marketplace feature, which is one that has exploded on the platform.

This marketplace is a convenient and easy location where you can buy and sell items around you and far away. People who want to buy are allowed to preview items on sale and search for any item of their choice.

What Does the Facebook Marketplace App Do?

The Facebook Marketplace App is a digital marketplace where several different users from around and far away can come together to trade, buy and sell items.

However, after the marketplace serves as a place where sellers showcase the items and prices, and buyer preview these items and engage in discussion with the seller, but every other transaction is therefore continued outside the app. This marketplace lets you to;

  • Look for items to buy.
  • Discover items on sale by location or class.
  • Create images and listings of items you have for sale.
  • Set custom prices and items for your products.
  • Send messages to buyer or sellers in order to proceed with transactions.
  • Have a view of the previous transaction that have taken place.

The Facebook app does not actually take responsibility for managing the transactions for items, users and customers are the ones to work that out by themselves.

Who Can Use the Facebook Marketplace App?

The Facebook Marketplace App is now available and open to iPhone and Android users of about 18 years and above. Anyone who has engaged in this before is definitely able to testify that this marketplace is free to sell, buy and trade products

However, the marketplace for desktop and PCs is not yet, but it is pinned on the ground to an uncertain time though.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace App

Browse the Marketplace

  1. Open your Facebook on your phone.
  2. At the top of the app, click on the Store icon.
  3. Click on “Categories” at the top.
  4. Select the type of item you want to view.
  5. Browse the marketplace for the item you want.
  6. Click on your preferred item to get more details.
  7. Click on “ASK FOR DETAILS”.
  8. If you are really interested in the product and want to purchase it, click on “Message”.
  9. Click on “Save”.

Sell on the Marketplace

  1. Open the Facebook app and click on the Store icon at the top of the page.
  2. At the top left side, click on “Sell”.
  3. Select a type or category for the product you want to sell.
  4. Add the images of the items you have on sale.
  5. Type a title for the item.
  6. Enter the price of items.
  7. Click on “NEXT”.
  8. Make a choice of the groups you would like to advertise your marketplace to
  9. Click on “POST”.
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Marketplace Buy and Sell – Marketplace Facebook Near Me Buy Sell

blue facebook marketplace

Are you interested in learning how to use the Facebook marketplace to advance your business interest and reach out to more customers?

If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, I will accurately show you how you can make the most of the Facebook marketplace. Are you ready to get started? Then let us go.

Facebook Marketplace is one great opportunity Facebook gives users to buy and sell several products. Some online platforms are solely into selling for people to purchase, but the Facebook Marketplace is different.

You can purchase and also sell. Here, Facebook connects individuals who are in the same geographical areas together. This means that if you live in a city like New York, you will get connected to people in New York and other cities that are closeby.

The Facebook marketplace offers you the opportunity to buy different kinds of products like food materials, electronics, clothing lines, cars and a whole of other exciting items you can still get from a physical shop.

However, due to law compliance, few items cannot be bought nor sold in the Facebook marketplace. Do not sell harmful things like drugs and firearms.

You get to pick your catchment, and only people within that catchment can see you in the market.

Facebook Marketplace is a great marketplace where you can market and purchase anything which is in alignment with Facebook Marketplace’s place terms and policies. Also, you need to sell standard products, so you don’t have purchasers demanding for a refund.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

First, this is how you buy in Facebook Marketplace:

  •  Get in the Facebook Marketplace
  • Choose the item you desire to purchase
  • Click “MESSAGE”
  •  Send the seller a message for purchase
Here is how you sell in Facebook Marketplace:
  •  Get in the Facebook Marketplace
  • Click “Sell Something”
  • Display what you want to sell (input all the details of the merchandise)
  • Click on “POST”

With this information above, you can buy and sell your products on Facebook.

How to Locate Facebook Marketplace on Facebook

Locating this marketplace is something made easy by Facebook, so the user doesn’t go through the rigour of trying to find it out. To discover Marketplace Facebook, follow these steps:
  • Log in Facebook on any device with internet access (Android, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop)
  • Click on the shop icon

This icon which looks like a storefront is what launches you into the Facebook Marketplace. It is found at the top left side of your desktop page, at the bottom for IOS and the top for Android devices.

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How to View my Facebook Pokes – Access Pokes Received by Me – FB Poke Sent

facebook poke
How to See my Facebook Pokes – Access Pokes Received by Me – FB Poke Sent: This article teaches you how to view your Facebook Pokes. Before the end of this post, you’ll be able to check pokes received by you and those sent FB Pokes.
So if you’re looking for the steps on how to view my Facebook Pokes, check pokes received by Me and FB Poke Sent, this post got you covered.
This Facebook guides will show you how to view my Facebook pokes and see pokes set by me with ease. How to see your pokes on Facebook – A “poke” on the social networking website; Facebook is used to draw the attention of another user– there are no set guidelines about how pokes can be used.
How to See my Facebook Pokes – Access Pokes Received by Me – FB Poke Sent

Notwithstanding, they can be used as basic tips, as friendly greetings, and for numerous other functions.

Facebook pals who have poked you will be seen on the side of the News Feed when you initially check in, and if you want, you can receive email alerts of pokes also. You can choose to return, conceal or neglect each poke message.

Poking Tips & Warnings: Any of your verified Facebook good friends, any pals of pals and anybody in a shared network can poke you. The same guidelines govern individuals you have the ability to poke in return. Hiding a poke from view removes it permanently.

For those of us who are not aware, be it known to you that Facebook keeps no long-term record of the pokes that you have gotten.

Check that the e-mail address and mobile number entered into your account settings are correct to make sure that poke notices reach you.

Where can I see how many pokes I’ve sent? You can see how many pokes you’ve sent on your pokes page. It will begin showing your pokes activity with a friend after you’ve poked them more than once.

If you’re having trouble finding your pokes page, try searching for in your browser. Please share this post!!!

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Facebook Marketplace Near Me – Buying and Selling Locally

local facebook marketplace

Marketplace Facebook Buying Selling – Facebook Marketplace | Marketplace Facebook Near Me | Marketplace Facebook Buy and Sell.

A lot of people have heard about the Facebook Marketplace, but they are not too sure what it is, or how to get started with the Facebook Marketplace.

If you are in that category, then not too worry, as, in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about the Facebook Marketplace.

Before we dive into Facebook Marketplace, lets first understand what Marketplace is.


buy and sell at facebook marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace
I just added a direct link for visiting the Selling section. Just click the button below. Below is a link to start buying on facebook marketplace. Click the link below

Tips for Buyers

Here are some tips for buying items on Marketplace:
  • Please be patient. Sellers receive many messages and may need time to reply.
  • Before meeting the seller, make sure that you know the condition of the item. Both of you should also agree on the price of the item and the exact location of your meeting place.
  • When you meet the seller, look over the item and make sure it’s what you want before paying.
  • If you can’t meet the seller at the time you both agreed on, message them and try to reschedule another time.

What is Marketplace?

A Marketplace is a place where buying and selling take place. Hence, Facebook Marketplace is a buy and sell platform on Facebook. You can easily buy or sell new and used items easily on Facebook Marketplace, locally or from businesses. Find great deals on new items shipped from stores to your door.

For buyers, Facebook Marketplace offers them an opportunity to access a wide range of products, both goods, and services on Facebook.

Most people have been searching for how to download the Facebook Marketplace, not knowing that it is right there in front of them in their Facebook account.

If you have seen a shop front icon on your Facebook account, that is the Facebook Marketplace. There are a lot of benefits of using the Facebook Marketplace.

The sad thing is that the Facebook Marketplace is not available for everyone, especially those whose Facebook account is still new, or who reside in the countries that are not supported by the Facebook Marketplace.

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However, as a seller, if you have been seeing the shop icon on your Facebook, and have not been utilizing it, it means you have been missing out on potential buyers within your locality.

One feature of Marketplace Facebook is that it is designed to display products and services to only people in the same locality or nearby community.

List of things you’re not allowed to sell on Facebook marketplace

Here are some common examples of things that can’t be sold on Facebook:
  • Not a real item: Anything that isn’t a physical product for sale. For example, “in search of” posts, lost and found posts, jokes and news aren’t allowed.
  • Services or event tickets: You can only sell a service (example: house cleaning) or event tickets on Marketplace with Facebook’s written permission. Learn more about our policies on services and event tickets.
  • Description and photo don’t match: The photos of the item must match the description and title of the listing.
  • Animal for sale: Selling animals isn’t allowed on Marketplace or buy and sell groups. This includes posting about animals for adoption.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare-related items aren’t allowed (for example: thermometers, first aid kits).
  • Before and after pictures: Items for sale on Facebook can’t show a before and after picture (example: a photo showing weight loss).

Facebook Marketplace Categories


As earlier said, there is no separate application for Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is already built into your Facebook app, or on the website.

One more thing to know about the Facebook Marketplace is that it is very easy to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Also See: How To Change Password On Facebook Marketplace.

Also, unlike other marketplaces, Facebook Marketplace is free of charge. In other words, Facebook Marketplace does not charge any listing fees.

Also, there is no special procedure to get started with Marketplace Facebook. All that is required of you is to sign up for a Facebook account if you are yet to have an account.

On the other hand, if you already have a Facebook account, you only need to login to your Facebook account and click on the shop front icon on your icon.

After that, you can begin to list all your items for sale and upload the images and add a description to your items, to sell your products to people in your locality online.

Like I told you earlier if you cannot find the shop icon on your Facebook account, it means the Facebook Marketplace is not available for you.

Other Useful Resources:

Go to the official marketplace page

Learn how to buy stuffs on Facebook Marketplace

Learn about Selling on FB Marketplace


That’s all on how to buy and sell on the Facebook Marketplace. I hope this article helps?

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