How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Permanently Immediately Right Now Without any waste of time

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When you delete your Facebook account, all your Facebook details will be gone forever. This consists of information like your photographs, whatever you have ever before shared, Liked or submitted.

Nevertheless, points that are not stored in your account are not removed, like messages you sent other men as well as females.

How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Permanently Immediately

When a Facebook account is deactivated, it can be recovered by just opening the Facebook website, and also supplying the right login credentials on the login display.

You may wish to deactivate your Facebook account in case you wish to eliminate Facebook momentarily.

Click Here to Start Delete 

Shut off Facebook Account

If you have chosen to Deactivate Facebook Account short-term then adhere to these steps:

  • Open Facebook, select the down arrowhead in the top menu > Setups.
  • Select General > Edit listed below Manage your account.
  • Select the Download a duplicate of your Facebook information if you intend to download and install it.
  • Select Deactivate your account and its done.
  • Erase Facebook Account Completely

If you have actually made a decision to Remove Facebook Account Completely then follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook > Setups > General alongside Manage account.
  • Select the Download and install a duplicate of your Facebook information.

Click this web link as well as click on Confirm Removal.

It could occupy to 90 days to totally remove. Do not login into your account till then.

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Can I See or View Who Looks At My Facebook Profile

This article is about can i see or view who looks at my Facebook profile. In it, i will show you how you can easily see who viewed your Facebook profile. Are you ready? If yes, then lets get started.

Can I See or View Who Looks At My Facebook Profile: Facebook is the top social networking site where peoples satisfy new individuals and also make friends as well as nowadays every person knows about Facebook. Facebook permits people to produce their account on Facebook and afterwards fulfils brand-new peoples. Also, people could look at their friend’s name as well as view their FB account and also get touch with them. Anybody can see anyone’s Facebook account on Facebook conveniently by looking their name on Facebook search bar additionally sometimes Facebook recommend some account which you might recognize. It’s a terrific feature, but because of safety reasons, you are unable to Can I See Who Looks At My Facebook Profile.

There are numbers of apps asserts that if you set up those applications on your mobile, then you’ll be able to see who has visited your Facebook (FB) account but believe me those applications are not legit nor will aid you to Can I See Who Looks At My Facebook Profile. Actually, there are no main means to see who has visited your Facebook account yet don’t worry right here we’ll tell you some methods and also ways to see who visited your Facebook profile. So if you are curious regarding it as well as believing “how you can understand that has seen my Facebook profile?” then you go to the ideal place, here we are most likely to tell you How you can see that views your Facebook account?

Can I See Who Looks At My Facebook Profile

Have you ever questioned that’s watched your account on Facebook or does this question ever comes into your mind that who saw my Facebook account? If you are a Facebook customer after that this concern must enter your mind when without a doubt. Then you did browse on Google and also tried some approaches to understand that’s watched your FB profile as well as you might not understand and also if you fail to know after that you must asking can I really see who viewed my Facebook account? As well as the solution is yes you can.

Though there are no formal or official ways to see who visited your account on FB yet you could recognize it by mounting a chrome expansion as well as by checking out web page source on the internet browser which we are most likely to go over in detail below. So let’s leap right into this.

How To Find Who Watched Your Account On Facebook?

Right here we are going to review 2 techniques to see who has seen your Facebook account. So allows begin.

Method 1: Mount Chrome Expansion.

If you are curious to recognize that has viewed your Fb account then you have to have chrome internet browser mounted on your computer due to the fact that on an initial technique we are most likely to do it by setting up a chrome expansion called “Social Profile sight notice”. So if you do not have chrome internet browser on your computer or laptop after that install it and also adhere to the actions listed below.

1. To start with download and also add “Social Profile view notice” expansion on your chrome internet browser to do so simply go to the link Social Profile view notification.

2. Now click on Contribute to Chrome switch from the top right corner of that page.

3. A tiny appear home window will certainly appear and also asking you to weather you prefer to include the extension or otherwise to verify the activity done in earlier action. So simply click Include Expansion.

4. Now it will certainly start download as well as mount automatically. As soon as installment process is done it will reveal you an alert “Social Profile view notification has actually been contributed to chrome” which implies you prepare to see who saw your facebook account.

5. So now visit as well as login to your account by giving login credential.

6. Once you visited on your facebook account you’ll see a new alternative called “Visitor” between Residence and also Your Name.

7. So whenever you feel like “I want to know who viewed my facebook account just recently” just login to your facebook profile and after that simple click on the visitor as well as you’ll see who simply visited your fb profile.

Note: honestly talking you can not see all those individuals that viewed you profile on facebook. This tool might help you know some people that simply viewed your profile on fb. If you are able to see “Visitor” oftion then just disable then enable the chrome expansion and also attempt once more.

Caution: There are several “Who watched my facebook profile” expansion offered for chrome on chrome store and also if you mount them then might be your individual information will be in your risk. Your information might obtain swiped so beware concerning it as well as make sure you install the expansion from the above offered web link.

Technique 2: Utilizing Web browser Resource Code.

In this method we’ll utilize the resource of the internet browser as well as we’ll use chrome for the exact same but if you want you can utilize others web browser like Mozilla Firefox also. So lets start.

1. To start with go to and login to your facebook account.

2. Currently you need to remain in your timeline rather than news feed so click on your name revealing on heaven bar.

3. Currently you go to on your facebook timeline and also currently do a precisely anywhere on your timeline on facebook as well as select “sight web page resource”. Likewise you can press Ctrl + U to do same.

4. Now a brand-new tab will open on your web browser with lots of difficult codes. Now press Ctrl + F and also a search bar will certainly show up at top edge of the internet browser (chrome) or bottom of the browser (Firefox).

5. Currently type InitialChatFriendList in that search bar.

6. Here you’ll see great deals of numbers then “InitialChatFriendList” which are facebook profile IDs of those peoples that has actually visited your facebook account recently.

7. To see account behind those Id, simply replicate the id code as well as put it after Mean if the id number is 1234567 then put it and see this, you’ll see the person behind the id.

Try this with every one of those codes one at a time and you’ll see that saw your fb account just recently.

Note: We are not sure concerning this method and how precise is it however I attempted this approach by myself and its functioning penalty. So try it if you desire.


As we discussed earlier that due to safety and also personal privacy reason there is no official means to recognize who has actually watched your facebook account however we’ve discussed 2 various approaches to know that saw your account on facebook. Might be one method is not benefit every person so please one more method. Now below is only two approaches yet in coming days we’ll include more as well as precise methods to see that watched your facebook account.

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How To Create A Poll On Facebook


Facebook is the current social networks platform to present the ballot into its feed. Though users could just publish a Facebook status, tweet or Instagram story asking a concern that their followers might reply to, polling is a simpler means to finding what their fans choose, How Do You Create A Poll On Facebook.

Twitter and Instagram led the way with the introduction of polling as a means for users to discover exactly what their fans favoured in between any two subjects. Now, Facebook members can also use polls to discover whether they need to take a trip to Spain or France, buy an iPhone or an Android or watch Stranger Things 2 verses Home of Cards.

How do I create a poll in a group?

To create a poll in a group:
  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select a group.
  2. Click Write something… at the top of the group, then select Poll.
  3. Type your question, then click add option… to enter other options for group members to select.
  4. Click Poll Options in the bottom left to select whether you Allow anyone to add options or Allow people to choose multiple options.
  5. Click Post.

How do I create a poll in a story?

To add a poll to your story:
  1. Open Facebook on an iOS or Android device.
  2. At the top of your News Feed, tap + Add to Story.
  3. Add your photo or video. You can tap a story type at the top (example: Boomerang) or select a photo or video from your camera roll. Tap Camera to take a new photo or video.
  4. Tap  in the top right, then tap POLL.
  5. Type your question, then tap Yes or No to customize the answers.
  6. Tap Done in the top right.
  7. To change the audience for your story, you can tap Privacy in the bottom left.
  8. Tap Share to Story.

How Do You Create A Poll On Facebook

Not only is this brand-new function handy for everyday queries, but polling has actually ended up being a tool that enables online marketers, way of life influencers, brand names and blog writers to connect with possible buyers and readers in addition to discovering what material their audience resonates better with.

Whether a brand, social influencer or daily social media user searching for some handy tips from your social media network – here are the best ways to create a two-option Facebook survey with GIFs and photos.

Here are steps to follow in creating a poll on your Facebook page:

1. Visit Facebook and go to the page that you are supervising.

2. Find the status upgrade window on the page timeline. Click “Offers” and after that find the choice “Questions”.

3. Create an intriguing concern to engage your audience.

4. Now it’s time to include survey choices! Exactly what you need to do now is to include possible answers for your concern and those will function as options for your fans to select from when ballot. You can add any variety of alternatives here. In the bottom left corner of this window, you will see the option “Allow anyone to add options”.

If you inspect this feature you will allow anybody to include options, for example, brand-new answer possibilities for your question. This possibility can sometimes lead to people adding unimportant options so utilize this alternative with care. On the other hand, if you wish to limit the options and to keep an eye on feedback on a particular topic, it’s best to uncheck this choice.

After you have actually effectively posted your question individuals can address it, they can also like, comment and share. When somebody answers the concern, the concern can become openly noticeable on their individual profile.

The best ways to see concerns you answered on Facebook

1. Go to your timeline/ profile

2. Find the button “Activity log”

3. You will see a list that reveals Photos, Likes, Remarks. Listed below you will see a button labeled “More”. Click the “More” button and you will see an expanded list of options and among them will be “Concerns”. Here you can discover all of the questions you have ever answered on Facebook, arranged in sequential order.

Facebook Login – Facebook Mobile Sign in – Your Facebook Help – Login

Facebook is the world most popular online social media and social networking service that helps billions of people to connect with their friends, family and other people they know. Right now, it becomes a part of our daily life. Everyday, we need to login to Facebook many times. So, I’m here to guide you about the different processes of Facebook login and also what to if you forgot Facebook password. Lets start with detailed Facebook login process with step by step.

Use to link below to login to your facebook account

Facebook Login Processes

There are several ways to login Facebook. You can use a web browser, PC software or mobile app to sign in to Facebook. Facebook also have messenger software to chat with friends. But the Facebook login process is the same in everywhere which requires only email or phone and password. If you don’t have any account still, just create a Facebook account now and then you will get Facebook login details. Let’s start with step by step guide on Facebook login using any web browser on your computer.

Facebook Login on Web Browser

Step-1: Open your web browser and search for Facebook using any search engine like google or bing or any.

Step-2: Click on the first result to go to Facebook homepage. If you don’t understand properly what to do, just go to directly from here. Now, make sure that no one is logged in. If it is, just click on down arrow button at the top right corner and then select logout. For more details, check out this tutorial on Facebook Logout.

Step-3: Now, you are on the Facebook homepage. You can see two boxes on the top right corner; one is for email or phone and another is for a password. If your Facebook was created with an email address, then enter that email address into the first box. Or if it was created with phone number, then enter the phone number on that box. Remember, don’t use zero or + symbol before country code and other symbols. For example, your phone number is +1 708-990-0555. Enter 17089900555 not +1 708-990-0555. On the next box, enter your Facebook account password.

Step-4: Finally hit on enter button or click on Log In right to the password box to access your Facebook account.

Facebook Login on PC Software

Facebook is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, you can also use it on those OS. Sign in process is similar like web browser but before that you need the software installed on your PC. Follow the steps down below to sign in to Facebook on your PC.


In the last article I examined your option if you want to sign up for Facebook. There were many options and I believe. That if you had not your account you have it by now. But now we come to the next part of having a Facebook account. Facebook login. There are two meanings that you can understand under Facebook login. One is the name of account of in this case email address or phone number. And the letter I precisely the process of logging in. I will say a little bit about either.

First of all the login which you use to log in to the Facebook. Most of us use email address. It is obvious because you must to enclose your email address when you are signing up. So it is pretty clear why most of us uses email address. Also it is an address the you use probably a lot. So there is only slight chance that you will forget it. So if you look from this perspective it is the best scenario.

But what if you decided that it is time to change your email address from any reason you can think of. It does not really matter why. But once if you decide that it is time to purchase new email. You probably want to pair your new email with your old Facebook. Well I have good news for you. If you want to change your login you can do it. It is nothing hard. You just need to enclose new email to your Facebook account and then made it the primary address. Then you can easily delete the old email address, the one you do not use anymore. It is simple as that.
Facebook video

Also you should change your password every now or then. I know it is really annoying. I must confess that I never changed my password because I would forget it in a second. But as some experts say over and over again you should change your password at least four times a year. But if you ask me you should have only different password for each account you have. That is kind of protection that I believe it is sufficient. However if you ever think that your login was sabotaged you can simply change your login data. You can change your password as simply as you can change your email. What more. Change you’re your password is even easier.

facebook logo in eye

And then to the simple action of login. It is absolutely necessary to look to your address when you are logging in. If there is any other address than never log in. it is probably some fraud that was designed to steal your data. Really any other address is highly risky. Facebook is only one.

View My Deleted Messages on Facebook

This post serves as a guide on how to view messages you have deleted on Facebook. Let’s delve right into it.
How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From A Downloaded Archive

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the little gear icon on the top right corner of the window.
  • Select “Account Settings”.
  • Choose “General Account Settings

Once the “General Account Settings” page loads, click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the page.

This will bring you to a page where you can download everything you’ve done on your Facebook account since you created it.
  • Click on “Start My Archive.”

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This will prompt a “Request My Download,” window, which basically lets you know it can take a while (typically 2-3 hours) to gather all of your information.

  • Click “Start My Archive” again to launch the gathering process.

At this point, Facebook will notify you to access the email account associated with your Facebook profile where a download link to your archive will be sent. Again, it may take 2-3 hours to arrive.

  • Click on the link in the email to download your archive.

You’ll be required to reenter your password before you can download the archive.

  • Reenter your password.
  • Click “Continue“.

  • Finally, click on the “Download Archive” button.

Your archive will download to your computer. Unzip it, then open the file named “index.”

The file containing your archived data will open. Click on “Messages” and all of your past messages will load.

To easily find the message you’re looking for, search by keyword. Press “CTRL + F” or “F3” to access the keyword search process, and that’s it. Once you find the message, copy and paste the contents into a Word document to save.

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Yahoo Mail Login – Yahoo Mail Sign in

Do you have a yahoo mail account and don’t know how to log in, or did someone open the account for you and you are wondering how to log in? Well, you are on the right track because by the time you finish this content yahoo mail login will no longer be a problem.

To login to Yahoo Mail, Use the button below

Yahoo mail now has a two-step verification process and an upgraded interface for its users. This Yahoo mail platform also has a good app for Android on the Google play store, you can also find this app on, it is also available on, yahoo mail also has apps for Windows, iPhones, etc.


Yahoo Mail App – Yahoo Mail Login

This app puts all your mail accounts in just one app, there you can search, read and reply to messages without stress. Yahoo mail app also has a smart search feature, where you can search for emails in all your connected accounts at the time, this search feature also has the sort feature where you can categorize your results by mails, files, photos, videos with just one tap. With the yahoo mail app for Android, you can easily switch connected accounts for inboxes. You can easily apply one of the themes that suit your style.

With yahoo mail mobile app you can always have a separate theme for a separate mailbox. Follow these easy steps to change the theme of your yahoo mail account;

Step to Change your Yahoo Mail Theme – Yahoo Mail Login

  • To continue this step you must download the app and add an account
  • Next, hit the menu icon
  • Now hit the settings icon
  • On this page click on the themes icon
  • Now you should be seeing a lot of various themes, click on the one you like to apply and hit the confirm icon.

Now in case you don’t receive emails on your device’s mobile app, you should try any one of these methods;

  • Sign out of the app, and sign in again
  • If your app is outdated you should try updating the app
  • Or finally, uninstall your yahoo mail mobile app for Android and reinstall it.

Yahoo mails notifications are instant alerts you get when you receive a mail on your yahoo mail app, to turn this on following these simple steps;

Yahoo Mails Notifications – Yahoo Mail Login

  • First of all, you’ll need to enable notifications on the mobile app in your device settings
  • Next click on the menu icon
  • Now it the settings bar
  • And click on notifications
  • Then on the settings, you want to use, swipe it to the right

Finally, How to login to the web – Yahoo Mail Login

  • Locate your device’s browser (Pc or smartphone)
  • Next click on this link,
  • It should take you to yahoo mail’s homepage, now click on sign in
  • Fill in your mail and hit the next icon
  • Now type in your password and click on sign in

Done now you should be logged in to your account and able to see your emails.