Cancel Friend Request Sent On Facebook – Delete Facebook Sent Friend Request


Cancel Friend Request Sent On Facebook – Delete Facebook Sent Friend Request: Every Facebook user have had the experience where they send someone a Friend request, probably accidentally, and tried to delete the sent request but found it difficult to do so. This article will instruct you on the easy way to cancel a Facebook friend request that had been sent.

So the good thing about this article is that at the end of this writing you will know how to unblock and block on Facebook.

A lot of users do not enjoy it when people send Facebook notification and invite because not everyone is a gaming fan. So people would like to end the constant notification on Facebook.

How Do I Disable the Friends App On Facebook?

So in order to block Facebook friend app, you will need to access Facebook blocking portal. You can find it at the settings page where you have ‘manage blocking’.

I wouldn’t like to go into too many details because you reach the BLOCKING settings via this link:
Visit the link through a web browser or simply go to Settings >> Blocking >> Manage Blocking
You will find a place to block apps – search for the app and block it.

How to Delete Facebook Sent Friend Request

  1. Go to your sent friend requests.
  2. Hover over Friend Request Sent next to the request you’d like to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Request.
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