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This article will explain how to change your Facebook password. If you want to change your Facebook password but don’t know how I recommend reading this article.

Going by the fact that insecurity is on the increase daily, it can only interest you to know that if your Facebook password is not complicated, then hackers can easily track it and hack into your account. That’s not really what you want, right? This is why you need to change your Facebook password Asap to something a bit more complex which only you will know.

Facebook is a social media you use to chat with different people around the world, family friends. Also, you get to chat with as many people just as you want to. Facebook allows you to send messages, videos, photos and also get updates continually.

change+facebook+passwordSo you need to keep your Facebook account secured by using a password for your account. If you have, we will give you steps on how to change the password anytime you want to.

Changing your Facebook password is not difficult. With our guide, you can do that easily.

How to Change Facebook Password

If you have an account and you feel you need to Change Facebook Password the steps are straightforward to follow. All you need to do is sit back and follow the easy steps below;

  • Login in into your Facebook account. You then click the down arrow at the top right corner of the page, then you click on settings
  • When you have click on your account settings, then you click on security and login
  • Then you click on change password
  • once that is done, you enter your current password, new password, you will have to retype the new password
  • Then you click on save changes, then you log out and log in back to confirm if it has automatically changed to your new password.

Note; if you have logged in and you have forgotten your password

  • Just click the down arrow at the top right corner of the page, then you click on the setting icon, once you have clicked on that you then click on security and login
  • Click on the forgotten password
  • Once you are performing this action, you will be asked for your email or your mobile number so they can send you a code and when they send you a code you then write the code and then your account is ready for you to use.



A lot of Facebook users have the habit of using an easy-to-guess password. This does not augur well for the security of their accounts. There are lots of reasons to change your Facebook password. The most primary of them all is to protect your account from hackers and invaders who prey on accounts around the web. This article has offered you quality tips on how to change your password and protect your personal data.

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