Avatar Creator on facebook not working?

What should you do if your Facebook avatar creator is nowhere to be found? Or it’s outrightly not working as it’s supposed to.

The likely cause is that you did not follow the instruction for accessing the Facebook avatar creation app. So, here is what you should. Carefully follow the pictorial guide below and everything should work well.

Unless of course, the avatar feature is not available in your country. In that case, you can use a free globally available Avatar creator tool here.

How to Locate Facebook Avatar Creator on your Mobile device

Kindly follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook app on your smart device
  • Click on the menu bar found at the top right of your homepage
  • Scroll down and you will see an icon written “Avatars’
  • Click on it and you can start creating your own avatars.
free avatar creator
Free Avatar creator

Facebook Avatar Maker – Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook Avatar Creator otherwise known as avatar maker is the section on Facebook where users can create their own avatars. You get to choose the characteristics of your avatar. This tells you that how your avatars look depends solely on your choices. You can choose the following; skin tone, eye colour, dress, hairstyle, and many more. Once you have the updated Facebook mobile app version, you can easily locate the avatar creator on Facebook. There are a lot of beautiful characteristics you can select to make your avatar beautiful and even funny. You can challenge your friends to see who makes the funniest or most beautiful avatar. This is the trend at the moment.

Facebook Avatar 2020 – Facebook now allows its users to create their own beautiful avatars they can make use of any time they want to pass a message. This tells you that you don’t have to make use of text all the time to communicate. These avatars are customizable characters Facebook users can create themselves to use any time they want to express how they feel about something. They are actually cartooned characters that come with diverse features to help you make the best avatars out of them.

Avatars on Facebook are currently trending and if you’ve not joined the trend, you are missing out. Although, the truth is, this feature is free to all who have the latest version of the Facebook mobile app either on their Android or iOS devices but the avatar on Facebook isn’t available in all countries at the moment. So, if you can’t find it, then you need to be patient until it gets to you.

How to Set up the Avatar Creator App on Facebook

On the contrary, so many people having difficulty and asking questions about why they can’t find the avatar feature on Facebook. The new avatar feature on Fb is a new release feature on the Fb app. Hence, it accessible only to countries such as New Zealand, America, and Australia. In other to open the avatar feature, you need to update the Fb app

To Update the Avatar App:

  • Use the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to update the app.
  • Simply, open the section “My apps & games” or “Today”.
  • Then, you can update the Fb app to find the new avatars on Facebook.

Now that you’ve updated your app, you can find avatars directly from the Facebook app. Keep in mind, that you can’t find the features on the Messenger app. It only rolled out on the Facebook app for Android and iPhone users, but not on desktop.

Make an Avatar on Fb

On the contrary, many people actually have start to involve with the avatar on Fb, by creating their own character. The step in creating an avatar is similar to creating a Snapchat bitmoji. Hence, you can apply the same knowledge while making your own avatar.

  • Open the Facebook App from your iOS or Android phone.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines which represent the Facebook menu.
  • To access the feature, click See More and select Avatar.
  • Click Next on the screen and click Get Started.

In addition, you can personalize your own avatar using a feature such as hairstyles outfits, skin color, body shape, beards, avatar marker, and more to create a cartoon face maker.

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