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Facebook dating app

The Facebook dating app is simply an app created to make dating easy for singles using Facebook social media. This one is just a plus to other dating platforms that exist but way easier to use.

 Facebook dating app Facebook dating app Facebook dating app
Facebook dating app

Prior to the time that the Facebook community introduced the dating feature to the site, over millions of singles have signed up for the dating app. The question now is; what prompted Facebook to come up with such a great idea?

The reason is simple. It was a rising issue that as people where continuously getting connected with their friends and family members via this social media platform, there also had the privilege of meeting totally new people with lovable qualities.

And to make the bond of dating get even, Facebook came up with a strategy which is the Facebook dating app. And this dating feature has been on a gradual growth throughout the countries of the earth, touching about twenty countries so far.

Facebook Dating App Download

It is worthy of note that the dating app is not an independent app of its own in fact, it does not exist outside Facebook meaning that it is an app or feature (simply put) in the Facebook app.

On that note, I will be showing you how to access the app using various devices, read on.

1. Desktops

The app has not yet been approved for desktops and PCs, so to access the app, you will have to go through the Facebook website on your web browser. let us see how.

  •  Head to your web browser and open it
  •  Search for www.facebook.com on the search bar.
  • Welcome, sign in your account detail if you have one or you open an account for yourself by clicking on the sign-up button.

2. Android and iOS Phones

Using your smartphone is a different ball game entirely. whether it is an Andriod device or iOS, read below for guidance.

  • Launch your Facebook App. If you do not have the app on your phone, head to App Store.
  • Type in and search for Facebook
  • Your result will come up in lists, select the Facebook app
  •  Click on Install or Get to proceed with the download.
  • Having downloaded the app, Go ahead and launch it.
  • Enter your correct login details and create an account if you don’t have one.

Facebook Dating App

You don’t need to worry yourself about what this app is meant for because, from the name, you should have a background knowledge that it is mainly for singles who want to connect with a date.

Once you have the Facebook app in your device, you don’t have to download the dating itself because you are already entitled to it in your Facebook account, provided your country is among the twenty countries that the app has been given access to.

Which is the main thing that makes anyone eligible to use the app? If you are eligible, simply follow the steps below to access the app.

How to Access Facebook Dating

If you have the Facebook app in your device, then you are a few minutes away from getting connected with your potential date. See how to access the dating app below.

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Look for the Heart icon at the top of the page of your profile or go to the menu and click on Dating.
  •  Set up your Facebook dating profile by providing appropriate information as you would be required. This information includes your gender, location, interest, and a photo of yourself, etc.
  • Confirm the profile.
  • You will be directed immediately to the dating home, which is the Facebook dating app. Here, you get to find millions of other singles who are available.

I know you can’t hide the excitement of finally getting. Go ahead and get connected to millions of singles on the dating app. You are likely to finally meet the one person you need. Goodluck

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