How do I permanently delete my facebook account? – Delete Facebook Account Link

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account | Deactivate Facebook Account

Usually when deletion process begins, Facebook gives a grace period until completely you facebook account deleted permanently. So if you change your mind, you can cancel the facebook account deletion process.

How to permanently delete Facebook:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the link
  3. Select Delete my account.
  4. Enter a password and code captcha, and then click Ok.
  5. On the pop-up Permanently Delete Account, click Ok.

Deactivate A Facebook Account

If you request for facebook to deactivate your account, your friends on facebook will not be able to find your account or other activities. In this process, make sure you have access to your email account, because if you want to activate your account again, so facebook will send you the activation facebook account link via email.

To deactivate your Facebook account:

  • Select the settings menu on your Facebook account.
  • Select Security.
  • In the options Deactivate Your Account, click Edit.
  • Click Deactivate Your Account
  • Enter the password, and then click Deactivate Now.
  • Select your reason for deactivating the account.
  • Click Confirm.

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

1. Please sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Then, click link permanent delete facebook account.

3. Next, the display will appear as shown below, click “Delete my account”.

4. Then, pop up will appear as below. Please enter the password of your facebook account, then fill in the code captcha. After that, click “Okay”.

5. Then, pop up will appear as below. Just click “Okay”.

6. Then automatically you will log out a Facebook account. Then in 14 days later, your facebook account delete permanently.

What happens after facebook account deletion

After deleting your Facebook account, your profile will be deactivated for a month, which will lead to a full deletion after this period. If you log in before the expiration of a month, your account will be reactivated automatically. A full deletion will wipe out your private data that was stored on the Facebook database. This takes 90 days.

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