How do I unfollow someone on Facebook

In this article, i will show you how you can quickly unfollow someone on Facebook. Are you ready to unfollow that person? If yes, then i suggest that you read on to find out how.

Have you had enough already? Thankfully, unfollowing someone on Facebook is just as easy as following them in the first place.

To unfollow, just hover your mouse over the Follow button and select Unfollow [their name].

how to unfollow someone on facebook

However, if you’re hardly concerned about losing a few Facebook friends or if it’s time for your annual purge, you can jump right to the stealthy unfriend option without letting anyone know they’ve been removed.

If I unfollow a friend on Facebook, will they get notified if I follow them again?

Yes, as far advise I’m aware, if you follow someone you’ve previously unfollowed they will get a notification. In the same way as if you’d followed them for the first time.

That said, you can always act stupid. Along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t know how that happened but once I realised ‘my mistake’ I just wanted to correct it.”

Few people would have a problem with that I suspect. And by acting stupid you avoid causing any offence.


So now you have effectively learnt how to stop seeing posts from that annoying friend who spams his timeline with crazy messages. we hope you can now declutter your newsfeed and begin to have a more enjoyable experience on Facebook. With unfollowing friends who do not contribute positively to your time on Facebook. You will witness a momentous increase in quality posts that will entertain and inform you. Make sure you follow the guide above to understand the best way to unfollow a friend on Facebook

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