How to remove or cancel a friend request you sent to someone on Facebook


How to Cancel a Friend Request Sent by Me

Facebook gave us a platform to connecting with our Friend, relative and many our more known person.

often sometime we send many friend request to unknown person else Facebook gave us a warning that

you can send a friend requests only to people you know personally

. But sometime we ignore this warning and sent many request. often sometime we send a request in column people you may know to our known person but they not accept it or ignore. in this situation facebook gave us a warning that you are blocked if you sent many friend request to unknown person. At last facebook Block your Facebook account. To avoid from blocking you can try this trick.

Here i telling how you are cancel a friend request that person not accept your friend request with screenshot.

Firstly you are open your Facebook Account.

Then click on friend request option

Then Click on Find Friend

Click on find Friend open a new page and Click View Sent Request


View Sent Request

you see your friend request that send by you here you cancel any Friend Request

simply You keep courser and open a new menu bar and last you cancel a friend request

You are refresh 2 or 3 times by click on

View Request Received then click on View Sent Received 

in this way you cancel all sent Friend Request and send new Friend Request and enjoy with new friend.