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Do you want to know more about the Facebook marketplace?  Well, this article will introduce you to the marketplace USA. Free free to read on. Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace launched by Facebook. When you sell something on Marketplace, you create a public listing that can be seen by anyone on Marketplace and in News Feed, search and other places on or off Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is currently available to Android and iPhone users aged 18+ in the UK, the US, New Zealand and Australia. If you are within the above description, you are free to buy, sell and trade items using Facebook Marketplace.

A desktop version and access for other nationalities are pencilled in for an unspecified time “in the coming months”, and a route into Facebook Marketplace for businesses is also strongly rumoured.


Facebook Marketplace USA

Digital marketplaces are a popular online shopping option worldwide, and the United States of America is not an exception to that. In the US, many brands and online retailers offer their products through their websites and platforms. However, some online marketplaces providers provide an online platform for smaller businesses and micro-sellers to sell their products without spending time and money maintaining their selling platform.

The United States is recorded to be the second-largest market in the world for online sellers. Currently online marketplace is an extremely lucrative market for retailers looking to sell their goods. It services US though is not geographically close as mainland Europe, however, if engaging the US market, you enjoy the absence of language barriers.

Facebook marketplace happens to be one of the fast-growing online marketplaces in the US. Whether you are a seller in the US or not, or a buyer in the US or not, it will interest you to know that there are several opportunities available to sellers in the US market.

One of the ways you can start maximising such opportunity is by start selling and buying in the USA with the Free Facebook Marketplace, which is available in the US.

To begin selling on Facebook marketplace USA, you must first create a free Facebook account.

After you have created a Facebook account, follow the steps below:

How to Sell an item on Facebook Marketplace USA

1. From, click Marketplace in the left menu.

2. Click + Sell Something, then click Item for Sale.

3. Enter a title for your listing, the price, your location and a category for the item (example: Furniture, Baby & Kids).

4. You can also add a description. To mark an item as Free, you can enter 0 as the price.

5. Click +10 Photos to upload a photo of your item from your computer.

6. Click Post. If Post is greyed out, make sure you’ve included a title, price, location, photo and category.

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