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The Nearby Friends Location Facebook feature is one that allows you share your current location with your friends. With this feature enabled, you can select friends you would like to share your location with, and also control the duration for which this location sharing is active for.

This feature is especially beneficial to Facebook users who travel a lot and would want to share with their friends where they are every time they visit a new location. Manually updating location details isn’t required as Facebook collects your location details and automatically updates them as you change locations. Also, enabling this feature grants you knowledge of the location of friends whom access to one’s location has been mutually allowed.

Given the above details on how the Nearby Friends Location works, not everyone would like to have it enabled. You must realize that in a way, it chips away some level of privacy on Facebook. However, remember that you hold the power to deciding which friends can see your current location after enabling the feature.

To have the Nearby Friends Location enabled on Facebook, run through the procedure presented below.

How to Enable and Use the Nearby Friends Feature on Facebook

  • Log on to your Facebook account.
  • Access the menu using the hamburger icon (icon with three horizontal lines).
  • If you’ve used the Nearby Friends feature before, the shortcut should be listed under the Favorites section in the left pane, so you can easily access it from there. But if not, go to Settings.
  • From there, select Account Settings.
  • You’ll be taken to the Account Settings page. Here, lots of options are available but we are only concerned with the Location option. Find and select it.
  • On the Location Settings screen, there will be several options of which Nearby Friends, Location history and Location services are relevant for this procedure. Ensure the Location history and Location services are toggled on.

It is important these options are turned on as Facebook leverages on them to get the Nearby Friends feature working appropriately.

  • Next, select Nearby Friends. Toggle it ON.
  • You’ll be taken to another page where you’re to select which friends can see your location. Click Friends to get that done.
  • After selecting friends to see your location, click the TURN ON tab to activate the feature.
  • Now, the Nearby Friends shortcut should be available in your Favorites section in the left pane on your home page. Click on it to customize the duration for which you desire each friend to know your location.
  • Click on the compass icon to the right of the name of each friend location is shared with. Different duration options and an option to stop location sharing will be provided on the next page. Select one which best suits you.
  • If you’d like to edit friends who have access to your location, you can do that by accessing the setting (the gear icon on the top right -corner of the Nearby Friends page).

Final notes

This article identified how Facebook Nearby Location displays your friend lists and helps you sort them, showing the distance from your location precisely. Facebook achieve this by getting location data from Facebook users. This feature has generated enough buzz in recent times, this is the reason we have brought it to your notice.

The article also has guided you on how to set up and utilise the location history data and see where your nearby friend is.

To use the nearby feature, head to the settings menu after logging into the app. You will site the nearby friend’s option there and you can use it to set your location history. Note that not every device has this feature, but if you do have it ensure you enable it by following the steps above.

That’s about it for the Nearby Friends feature on Facebook.

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