How To View My Facebook Profile As Someone Else


Do you want to learn how to view my Facebook profile as someone else? If yes, then this article is for you. Read on to find out how from our step by step approach of teaching. It’s really easy, believe me. Are you ready to get started? Let’s get started.

Sadly, you can no longer view your own profile as if you were someone else. The feature that used to enable this was called “View As”. Facebook’s users were able to access this on their own profile both during the setup process and afterward.

The reason for disabling this feature was because there was a vulnerability that enabled people to view a user’s access tokens. Knowing a profile’s access tokens would allow someone to take over the account. This issue affected over 50 million Facebook accounts.

From what I could find, there is only one way to get around this. First, go to Settings ➝ Privacy. Change all of your settings under that tab to Everyone or Public (unless it’s already a public profile).

Then, log out of your Facebook account. Search (your name + Facebook) on Google, click on the top result and locate your Facebook profile. You should then be able to see how your profile looks to your friends.

Do you ever wonder what people see exactly when they view your Facebook profile? If you’re the super curious type, I’m sure the thought must’ve crossed your mind. I’ll walk you through how to view your Facebook profile as someone else.

view facebook profile as someone else

For those asking themselves why there’s a need to view their profile on Facebook as someone else when you can just view it as yourself (i mean, you own the thing), here’s the difference…

First, let me ask you this; do you think mirrors are important? Viewing your account is like looking at yourself through a mirror rather than down your nose (viewing your profile as yourself). Which is more efficient?

Viewing Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

The procedure is broken down into steps to ensure clarity and comprehension with ease.

Step One: Go To Settings

To do this;

  • Click the downward-facing arrow on the top right corner.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step Two

Select Timeline and Tagging. This will take you to a page where there are various subsections.

Step Three

Scroll down to the Review subsection and click on View As

Facebook will then take you to your Facebook page which people who aren’t friends with you will see on viewing your profile.

And that’s about everything you have to do to view your Facebook profile as someone else. I hope it was insightful?

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