Why am I blocked from Facebook market place?

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I have been blocked for about 2 months for no reason. I have tried to report it and get help from Facebook with no success. The Marketplace icon does not even appear on my app and can’t access it through my desktop browser with a direct link.
I have only tried this on my phone running Android. Not sure this will work for anyone running IOS and this will not work on a desktop.

  1. Go to your phone browser.

  2. Make sure you are not logged into FB on the the browser. Once logged out, removed the account from the browser.

  3. You should make sure that you FB app is still logged in.

  4. Go back to the browser, type or copy paste to the URL m.facebook.com/marketplace

  5. Page will load. Click on the blue tab “Open Marketplace”

Clicking on the tab, will force the FB app to open marketplace. I went back and logged in the browser and I could not access it. Make sure you follow these step and let me know if this works for anyone on IOS. And please don’t call any of the number people are putting in the comments!!! If you need help, please as the questions in the comment below as I will not reply on my personal messenger.

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I keep getting blocked at random, I was up for 2 weeks and now blocked. it seems like the rules are undefined, “We recommend using the feature at a slower pace or even giving it a couple days before restarting, “

Ridiculous, and they won’t even tell you what you did to get blocked.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=10213991158160474&notif_id=1521247517191383&notif_t=answers_answered&ref=notif

I wonder if this is what happens if someone gives you a bad rating? I notice I talked to someone about an item and never bought and fb still prompted me to rate them.

Still freaking blocked. Unbelievable. Even though my other FB account has no direct access to the marketplace (meaning I can’t shop there) I can still post there via groups. My main gripe is that I haven’t been able to communicate with someone who I was going to meet 3 days ago because now if I send a message to anyone of my inquiries it says they aren’t recieving messages right now! It’s ridiculous! I can’t add them since adding is disabled to them and directly messaging them goes to their spam. 🙁

If I click the contact Facebook option on the app in my main account on the block page, I get a message saying my “appeal is being reviewed” and it’s been that way since Thursday last week. Last time I was blocked it said appeal was successful and I was unblocked at 12:00 am. Not sure why I’m getting screwed over like this.


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